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A Project Manager is responsible for implementing any projects that people do together. For example, without a Project Manager in IT, you cannot launch a website, an application, or a service. And in construction - not to build a house. In business, a good Project Manager saves money, because he is in charge of allocating the budget, and helps to earn it: somehow, customers pay the business for successfully launched projects.

Who is a Project Manager?

What you will do when you become a Project Manager

Support and develop relationships with customer companies
Control over project implementation on: quality, deadlines and budget
Maintain company projects and coordinate the work of project teams
Shaping and coordinating interim and final project reports
Operational planning of measures for project implementation
Development of terms of reference and process map

Your future career

Post-graduate position

Project Manager

The tools you will master


Average pay

You can start in a junior position and only go further - you will move up the career ladder and earn more
From 150 000 KZT
From 350 000 KZT
From 600 000 KZT
По данным

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Mentor Practitioner

Askar Aituov

Coordinator of Google developers in Central Asia, Certified IT Manager.
The mentor has 3 certifications from Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL v3 foundation, ITIL Service Oriented Architecture and ITIL Operation Support & Analysis) as well as IT Business Analyst (IQBBA) certification.
Work experience: 15 years in creating and managing IT products. Author of two scientific articles, reviewer of the European Conference on Information Systems (AIS). Participated in development of EdTech system in Kazakhstan. Inaugurated Google for Startups program in Central Asia. Participation in implementation of electronic payment system in a bank in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Launching a logistics automation project in Eastern Europe. Award - Best startup project of EAEC (2018). Implementation of IT-projects in KPMG, Huawei.

Course syllabus

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Gap year

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Questions and answers

Is this career for me?

If you have any questions about the theoretical or practical content of the program, or if you would like to learn more about the profession, please leave your contacts and our consultants will be happy to advise you on all questions related to the training so that all your questions can be answered.

Can I learn a profession in two months?

Yes, you can. Our mentors with extensive hands-on experience provide the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the professional field necessary to develop a career in this field.

Who will teach me?

Our mentors are professionals working in real projects, who have extensive work experience and have proven themselves in the IT market. Each of them besides the big hands-on experience has a fundamental theoretical base, necessary for full-fledged training of new personnel.

How and when will I study?

The training includes both online and offline classes. Our consultants will be able to give you more information about the schedule and delivery mode.