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DAR has been on the market since 2016. We have conducted 13 program streams and trained more than 500 professionals

13 program

Who we are

he DAR Group has decades of experience in education and training in various IT fields.
Today there is a tangible shortage of IT-specialists, and companies are increasingly experiencing a staffing bottleneck. Therefore, we decided to scale up our previous programs, in particular the internship experience, and launch DAR University.
DAR University is a new-generation corporate university. We say "no" to the traditional approach in universities, "no" to boring lectures, "no" to long years of study and learning only theory, "no" to uncertainty about your abilities and knowledge at the end of your studies, "no" to fears of the future.
DAR University is a maximum of practice and an opportunity to kick-start your IT career effectively!

How do we teach?

No “water”

Structured theory and constant involvement in practice through practical assignments.
Individual and group solution of practical cases, for maximum immersion into the reality of IT teams.
Ongoing support from mentors who are ready to help at any time.

Hybrid delivery mode

Today's world places demands on not only the knowledge, skills, and abilities that professionals need for their jobs, but also on how to acquire them. Thanks to our hands-on experience in corporate training, we successfully integrate online and offline technologies to maximize the immersion of our trainees in the training process, so that everyone can get what they need. By studying online or offline at our corporate university, you can get exactly what you need for your future career.

You will not study alone


These are the people who will share with you their knowledge and hands-on experience that they use in their daily work.


For all questions related to the organization of the educational process, interaction with mentors and other issues of interest, you can contact the Advisor and he will definitely help you.


If you identify and have technical issues and problems with the educational platform, you need to contact support.

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